Open Innovation

Let's accelerate together the future
of your business with new challenges

Our team offers technology transfer and new business opportunities services to accelerate corporate innovation. We broaden your innovation capabilities through a global network of experts, collaborative initiatives, and technology scouting.

Find out 4 ways to EVOLVE your innovation ecosystem and facilitate leaner and effective R&D programs with us.

Scoping & Ideation

We EXPAND your innovation capabilities by accessing a broader network of start-ups, scaleups, SMEs, universities, and research centers. With them, we can design collaborative initiatives such as hackathons, boot camps, and co-creation workshops to focus and ideate new solutions.

Innovation Scouting

We EXPLORE knowledge sources on new trends through scouting. This helps broaden our understanding of emerging technological innovations and make the most of market opportunities.

Prototype & Testing

We ELABORATE relevant proposals for the development of Proof of Concept (PoC), user testing, and rapid prototyping. This allows us to quickly test new ideas and evaluate their feasibility.

Integrate & Launch

We ENTER into partnerships by implementing solid project plans with a gradual approach (fail fast/learn fast), defining IP rights and the business case. This way, we can ensure the success of the project and maximize results.

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