We support companies in innovating digital product or service, helping them to validate concepts with end users, aligning stakeholder goals and expectations. We help in clearly framing problems and making ideas tangible within a short timeframe and reducing the risk of developing something unnecessary.

Service Design

We leverage Design Thinking for a people-centred participatory approach to innovation that is also mindful of technology constraints and business goals. We map customer journeys and internal processes, visualise users’ needs and business objectives, and design together with our client their digital services to deliver value.

UX/UI Design

We develop customized user experiences (UX) and digital interfaces (UI). Through a co-design approach, we leverage an understanding of business needs and user needs to collaboratively design digital solutions for services and products.

We care about the customer experience, which is the overall experience that customers have through their interactions with the brand.

Have a project in mind?

If you are looking to improve the user experience of your product or service, we can help. We are ready to collaborate in understanding your needs, designing innovative solutions, and implementing changes that will increase your customers’ satisfaction. Tell us your goals; we will design a path together to achieve them.

Our approach

From Design Thinking to Design Sprint, we apply the most successful participatory approaches to innovation to ideate the solution to a complex problem, prototype it, and validate it with users.
We engage business stakeholders, users, and technology to evolve a product, design a new service, or improve an organizational process.

Our tools

We love post-its and we like the smell of paper. We believe in face-to-face engagement and in sharing within a community. However, we successfully bring this experience to digital as well, organizing equally effective and entirely remote workshops.
We are flexible in accommodating social distancing or simply distributed teams.

Case studies

We design change

We are ready to work with you to understand your needs, design innovative solutions, and implement changes that will increase the satisfaction of your customers and employees.