Startup Studio is a digital innovation environment where multidisciplinary skills and advanced technologies come together to experiment with innovative solutions.

Success is the result
of a good idea, in the right moment,
with the right team.

We use advanced technologies and multidisciplinary expertise to develop innovative solutions not only in the digital field. We make use of co-design methodologies, working closely with clients from the ideation phase through to production deployment to accelerate the adoption processes of such new solutions.

Our portfolio
Elevate your experience

A single platform to organize and manage your events online, offline and in hybrid mode.

Web platform

Mobile application

Our portfolio
Da Mario
Is the app for your coffee break

“Da Mario” is an application that allows users to purchase hot or cold drinks and snacks from our vending machines quickly and easily. The app offers apersonalized shopping experience, allowing users to choose from a wide range of options, customize orders, and use features such as mobile payment.

Mobile application

Our portfolio
cloud infrastructure for hotellerie

H4H is acloud-based network infrastructure designed for the hotel industry with the goal of providing a unified solution for highly automated hotel management, making it easier and more efficient to manage the entire facility. It includes features such as managing reservations, purchasing services, managing digital keys for opening doors, and more.

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We can introduce you to innovative projects that are already part of Startup Studio, but we are also happy to gather market needs to design an innovative solution together or accelerate its adoption.